"Hope isn't just a nice word I say to make women feel better. It is God breathing life, it is knowing my pain had a purpose, and it's holy. Friend, that is hope, and I want you to have it."

Ginger taddeo

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Hi friend, I'm Ginger. 

My story is one you would never want. For many years, I didn't even know how to tell people what my childhood is like without a complete look of panic coming over their face. The amount of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse I walked through from the age of 16-18 is something you would see in a horror movie.

After decades of counseling, pain, and questions, God has asked me to do something wild. Share my story.

Friend, God is the God of hope and healing. Speaking at your event is not about my story or building my resume, it's about offering hope.  I want to challenge you to seek the God of love, healing, forgiveness, and hope and not get caught or stuck in your pain. My passion is to invite you to develop a passionate relationship with Christ no matter how you feel or what circumstances you are living in.


Full Day Conferences


Hope Calls

Your Name

It didn't just call out to me- it calls to you, too. Through this event I will walk you through the power in pain, what happens in forgiveness, and how loved you really are.

Session 1: Treasuring Your Scars
Session 2: Freedom of Forgiveness
Session 3: You are Radiant


The Greatest

of These

It's a verse we have heard so many times from I Corinthians 13, but what does it really mean? I will walk you through God's sweet message in the words Faith, Hope, and Love. 

Session 1: Faith: Abiding Produces Faith
Session 2: Hope: hope is Our Anchor
Session 3: Love: Who Do You Love?


One Hour Chats

Not planning a full day women's conference? I can also come into your church for an evening event or Bible study! Here are two shorter topics I love speaking on:


Freedom of Forgiveness

Treasuring Your Scars

Women of all ages & stages struggle with forgiveness. How could you forgive after what they did? Wouldn't forgiving somehow get them off the hook? After years of abuse by my family, I'll share my journey of forgiving my greatest abuser, my mother. This event walks women through God's design and great purpose in forgiveness. 

After ten years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, I have many seen and unseen scars. These scars have brought me much pain but, believe it or not, they have also brought me a sense of reassurance and purpose. At this event you'll learn how can you learn to treasure your past pain, disappointments, and scars.